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Genome Information System (GeISTM)

Brief Introduction of Genome Information System (GeISTM)

Genome Information System (GeISTM) is the optimized system containing the four main pipelines for analyzing whole genome sequences efficiently. Various analysis tools implemented in the four pipelines can be executed through the GeISTM web interface and the analysis results can be accessed and reanalyzed via the GlobalScrap®.

Four main pipelines of GeISTM are presented below:


    1. GAGPP (Genome Assembly and Gene Prediction Pipeline)

    Genome Assembly and Gene Prediction Pipeline consists of multiple genome assembler and gene prediction softwares to get the best assembly and gene prediction results. This pipeline also contains species-specific gene prediction function, too.

  • GAP

    2. GAP (Genome Annotation Pipeline)

    Genome Annotation Pipeline consists of multiple annotation programs including InterProScan, SignalP, and TargetP. Based on GenomeArchive®, most of genomes archived in the database were already annotated and provided as standard forms of prediction results.

  • CGP

    3. CGP (Comparative genomic Pipeline)

    Comparative Genomic Pipeline (GCP) is providing an integrated environment of various analysis pipelines for comparative genomic analysis together with various systems provided by Infoboss Inc.

  • CGP

    4. EAP (Expression Analysis Pipeline)

    Expression Analysis Pipeline (EAP) is providing an integrated environment of various analysis programs for analyuzing expression data including transcriptome.